The Rear Window Sessions


A powerful indie-soul compilation album by Dwight & Nicole featuring popular songs from their albums !Signs and Shine On.

  1. Wish I Only Knew
  2. Rambling
  3. Out in the World Somewhere
  4. Colorful Girls
  5. Plead
  6. Round in Love
  7. Hallelujah
  8. Hell Burns over You
  9. Overblown
  10. I Need Love
  11. On Top of the World
  12. It's Over

Shine On


Dwight & Nicole love all kinds of music, which is evident on their new, aptly titled CD, “Shine On,” an inspiring mashup of folk, blues, pop, jazz, gospel and reggae styles.

  1. I Need Love
  2. Tomorrow's Not Today
  3. On Top of the World
  4. Shine
  5. Plead
  6. Colorful Girls
  7. Smile
  8. Saturday
  9. It's Over
  10. Out in the World Somewhere
  11. Hallelujah



Debut album from Dwight & Nicole that offers a breath of gritty, soulful and rollicking fresh air. Sublime vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a searing band float these two toward the promised land; taking us along for the ride.

  1. Cry, Cry
  2. Hell Burns Over You
  3. Wish I Only Knew
  4. Avenue B
  5. Caribbean Song
  6. Overblown
  7. Johnny Gets High
  8. Rambling
  9. Round in Love
  10. Find What You're Looking For
  11. Do Whatever You Like
  12. Take Me Home Again