The future of soul music is in very good hands. Audiences and insiders alike have been riveted by the music and live shows of the up and coming indie-soul band DWIGHT & NICOLE. Their performances range from breathtaking precision to totally wild, seamlessly weaving in and out from whisper soft all the way to all out searing. It is a roller coaster that you'll want to get back on again and again. It just feels so good.

There is plenty of major talent there, raw and well honed, but what really sets their music apart is it's unapologetic honesty. This is home grown soulful music that has not been overly messed with. You get a sense as a listener that it was just born that way.

They often find themselves in great company, having shared the stage with some of the all time best: Mavis Staples, Dr. John, Etta James, Dave Brubeck, BB King and more. But the truth is, once you hear DWIGHT & NICOLE, or see them live, you know that they are unlike any other group you've ever heard. They both have these gorgeous, unique voices. They trade off singing lead and then backing each other up with effortless harmonies that blend together supernaturally. He plays masterful electric guitar, and she lays down a deep groove on the bass. Ezra Oklan provides the perfect underlying rhythm on the drums- and plenty of high power. This is an exciting band that is just beginning to hit their stride, and it is a beautiful sight to see.

DWIGHT & NICOLE just finished recording their new album with multi-Grammy award nominated producer Joel Hamilton (Aaron Neville, The Meters, The Black Keys) at the renowned Studio G in Brooklyn, NY. The combination of this band and producer is a match made in heaven. Expect big things to come in 2017.

“Poignant, hard-driving, and heavenly.”
–Boston Globe
“Take R&B, soul, blues and jazz, mix in razor-sharp rock guitar (Dwight), a soulful, joyful, foot-stomping, happy-to-be-alive stage energy (Nicole), heat to boiling, and watch your face melt. That's Dwight & Nicole.”
–Relix Magazine
“Dwight & Nicole are truly great.”
–Dr. John
“There are good voices and then there are great voices. Nicole Nelson is definitely the latter.”
–Christina Aguilera
–Dr. Maya Angelou
“A voice for the ages.”
–Ted Drozdowski, Boston Phoenix

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“This Brooklyn-based duo's songs cull inspiration from a broad musical palette: folk, blues, soul, jug band, Afrobeat, and pop. Guitarist and co-vocalist Dwight Ritcher is an unusual sight... He plays a Flying V, a guitar usually associated more with the likes of Megadeth and Metallica, not folk musicians. But Ritcher and gorgeous, dusky-voiced singer Nicole Nelson lay down sultry soulful music. Nelson also adds rhythm, beating out circular country-blues time signatures, either on tambourine or with a sharp tap of her foot. Ritcher occasionally takes over on lead vocals, and the pair's harmonies are sublime, making for an earthy, retro-soul sound.”
–Linda Laban, The Boston Globe
“...I've been asking people on the scene...who they think is making the best music and who seems poised to take that next step toward the big time. I've asked these questions across genres—from blues and soul people and into rock and pop—and the one name that comes up across the board is Dwight & Nicole.”
–Mike Mellor, The Killing Floor
“It was a happy day for music when Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson got together. The artists became Dwight & Nicole, and have garnered fans including Maya Angelou with a sound that melds blues, soul, folk, rock, and jazz.”
–Milva DiDomizio, The Boston Globe
“Dwight & Nicole are...a ferociously talented duo, and they're madly in love. It's easy to see why, as 30 seconds spent listening to Nelson's charismatic crooning and Ritcher's effortless charm will have even the most skeptical critics drooling.”
–Hilary Hughes, Weekly Dig
“Nicole has a gift far and beyond what most people have.”
–Adam Levine, The Voice
“Nicole's voice is like a mother's love.”
–Cee Lo Green, The Voice
“A voice for the ages.”
–Ted Drozdowski, Boston Phoenix


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