Dwight & Nicole is a three piece original Soul-rock band fronted by Dwight Ritcher & Nicole Nelson. Ritcher and Nelson met in Boston when they were both just out of school and cutting their teeth on the local club scene. They discovered a shared love of classic blues greats like Albert King and Lighting Hopkins, covering classics by their vocal heroes Mavis Staples, Jimmy Witherspoon and Etta James. All the while obsessing over writing and developing their own original music. Dwight & Nicole began performing live first as a duo. They then self-released two award winning albums through crowd funding, touring and developing a strong following.

They both have the kind of natural voices that stop you dead in your tracks. Wether belting or whispering, they beckon you to listen. Ritcher also happens to play a Gibson Flying V guitar – picking up his first one as a teenager in Long Branch NJ – he’s never played anything else. Albert would be proud. Nelson, a gifted singer & classical violinist from NYC has described the bass as her first real love. She picked it up again in 2015 and has not looked back. The recent addition of powerhouse drummer Ezra Oklan to the band has solidified their sound, and they took this combination into the studio in 2017.

Dwight & Nicole’s upcoming EP “Electric Lights” was recorded live to analog tape with multi-Grammy Award Nominated producer Joel Hamilton (Aaron Neville, The Meters, The Black Keys, Yoko Ono) at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY. Hamilton brilliantly captures their sound and energy on tape. They have just released two singles “Wait” & “Hi-Lo” ahead of the EP, that have both begun to introduce their music to a new wave of listeners. The EP "Electric Lights" will be released on March 2, distributed through The Orchard / Sony Music. The following day, D&N leave for a southern US tour stopping through NC, TN, GA, LA, AL, TX and FL. Highlights include joining Melissa Ethridge for a weeklong Royal Caribbean cruise where they have 3 performances scheduled. On 3/31 they will be at Lincoln Center in NYC for the Independent Music Awards where they have just been nominated for video of the year for “WAIT”.

“Give ‘Wait’ a spin and, for at least three minutes and fifty seconds, all will be right with the world.” Dan Bolles, Seven Days
“Take R&B, soul, blues and jazz, mix in razor-sharp rock guitar... heat to boiling, and watch your face melt. That's Dwight & Nicole.” Dr. John
“There are good voices and then there are great voices. Nicole Nelson is definitely the latter.” Relix Magazine
“Dwight & Nicole are a tour-de-force that demand much wider success. Poignant, hard driving... and heavenly.” Steve Morse, Boston Globe

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“This Brooklyn-based duo's songs cull inspiration from a broad musical palette: folk, blues, soul, jug band, Afrobeat, and pop. Guitarist and co-vocalist Dwight Ritcher is an unusual sight... He plays a Flying V, a guitar usually associated more with the likes of Megadeth and Metallica, not folk musicians. But Ritcher and gorgeous, dusky-voiced singer Nicole Nelson lay down sultry soulful music. Nelson also adds rhythm, beating out circular country-blues time signatures, either on tambourine or with a sharp tap of her foot. Ritcher occasionally takes over on lead vocals, and the pair's harmonies are sublime, making for an earthy, retro-soul sound.” Linda Laban, The Boston Globe
“...I've been asking people on the scene...who they think is making the best music and who seems poised to take that next step toward the big time. I've asked these questions across genres—from blues and soul people and into rock and pop—and the one name that comes up across the board is Dwight & Nicole.” Mike Mellor, The Killing Floor
“It was a happy day for music when Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson got together. The artists became Dwight & Nicole, and have garnered fans including Maya Angelou with a sound that melds blues, soul, folk, rock, and jazz.” Milva DiDomizio, The Boston Globe
“Dwight & Nicole are...a ferociously talented duo, and they're madly in love. It's easy to see why, as 30 seconds spent listening to Nelson's charismatic crooning and Ritcher's effortless charm will have even the most skeptical critics drooling.” Hilary Hughes, Weekly Dig
“Nicole has a gift far and beyond what most people have.” Adam Levine, The Voice
“Nicole's voice is like a mother's love.” Cee Lo Green, The Voice


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Read what Steve Morse— former staff music critic at the Boston Globe and nominating committee member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame —has to say about Dwight Nicole individually, and collectively.

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